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Central Marin Sanitation Agency
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The CMSA Board of Commissioners has adopted statements that define the Agency’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals.


Central Marin Sanitation Agency will be an industry leader by providing innovative, efficient and sustainable wastewater services, capturing and utilizing renewable resources, and delivering renewable power.


Central Marin Sanitation Agency will protect the environment and public health by providing wastewater, environmental, and resource recovery services of exceptional quality and value to its customers.


  • Consistent and continuous regulatory compliance to protect San Francisco Bay.

  • Sound financial practices to safeguard the agency’s assets.

  • Effective asset management through appropriate short-and long-term planning and sustainable practices.

  • A safe and healthy workplace for its employees and stakeholders.Professional growth, teamwork, and job satisfaction within a diverse workforce.

  • Quality public outreach and education to promote environmental stewardship.Partnerships which further common water quality and resource recovery interests.


  1. Continue to operate and maintain its wastewater facilities to produce high quality effluent and biosolids, within a changing regulatory environment.

  2. Continually improve financial management practices to ensure transparency, financial sustainability, and sound fiscal principles.

  3. Further incorporate green business principles and consider renewable resource opportunities in its short-and long-term planning.

  4. Lead or actively participate in collaborative efforts to address local and regional environmental opportunities and challenges.

  5. Attract and retain high quality employees by providing a work environment that motivates staff, fosters professional development, values diversity, and promotes a culture of safety.

  6. Enhance its internal and external communications.



1301 Andersen Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: 415-459-1455 / 415-223-7793
Fax: 415-459-3971


8:00 am - 4:00 pm  Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 3:00 pm  Friday


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